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Vigfus the Viking

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Name: Vigfus the Viking
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Authors: David Sack & Brian Ross

Illustrator: Jimmy Holder

ISBN 978-1600103063

Pages: 40

This Worthwhile Children's Book tells the story of Vigfus and his family. When young Vigfus and his Viking parents accidentally sail their longboat into New York Harbor, a classic immigrant story begins and quickly turns hilarious when this family of fierce, ill-mannered Vikings finds New York City too civil for their taste. When Vigfus realizes their Viking ways are keeping them from making friends, he has to learn how to help his parents acclimate enough to fit in. But will they be able to adjust without giving up their heritage? No more pillaging, no more hoarding, and no more bagging moose…

This fun Children's Book of friendship will speak to anyone who’s ever had trouble fitting in and needed to learn how to share and help, rather than seize and conquer!

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