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Michael Recycle

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Name: Michael Recycle
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Author: Ellie Bethel
Illustrator: Alexandra Colombo
ISBN: 978-1600102240
Pages: 32

Iím Michael Recycle for all that Iím worth. Iím green and Iím keen to save planet Earth!

Michael Recycle tells the adventures of a young superhero whose power allows him to teach people about recycling. After he helps clean up their town, people declare: ďTo Michael Recycle! The green-caped crusader, our super green hero, the planetís new savior!

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People just seem to love this children's book about recycling and keeping the planet green! Michael Recycle has been a hit at home, in the classroom and even in discussions around the water cooler at the office! Have you heard people talking about Michael Recycle, the caped crusader who is going to stamp out waste and keep our planet green? A children's book about recycling, childhood imagination, environment education and the power we all have to make a difference.

Sure, "Michael, recycle!" could be a command, but in the children's book Michael Recycle, he is a super-green hero.....children will enjoy the rhyming text and illustrations. >Read More

I find Christmas to be the perfect time to add to our book collection. These are two I've been eying for this year. >Read More

We started Recycling Superhero training camp with a book about the adventures of Michael Recycle, whose super powers are to help teach people about recycling...Through itís humorous pictures and catchy rhymes, this book offered a nice ice-breaker to introduce our project to the students. >Read More

Great message with beautiful illustrations Öyour little one will not get tired of this earth friendly tale! >Read More

The illustrations were killerÖ.absolutely fantastic. Both of my older kids loved this book. >Read More

This is THE best "green" (or eco-aware, or environmentally-friendly, or whatever you want to call it) children's book ever. Really. With prose similar to Dr. Seuss, and a message that isn't too heavy or preachy, Michael Recycle is really fun to read. > Read More

...Michael Recycle is an enjoyable book with an important message that young children can understand. It will probably spark off discussions about what you as a family can do to help the planet...>Read More

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