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All 3 Books and ALL FOUR Limited Edition Statues! RETAIL VALUE $140.00

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Name: The Dreamland Chronicles Limited Edition Series includes ALL 3 Books and ALL 4 Figures
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Alexander Carter has found a key that takes him back to the land of his childhood dreams. Now, every night he enters Dreamland, a magical world filled with Dragons, Fairies, and Giants. Re-united with his childhood friends Paddington, Kiwi, and Nastajia, Alexander embarks on a quest to save Dreamland from war with the nightmare realm.

We are pleased to offer you this limited edition series of what most Dreamland Chronicles fans consider one of the best fantasy books. These print edition fantasy books capture the story and vivid characters perfectly. Plus this limited edition Dreamland Chronicles set includes ALL four figures the Nastajia Ashenheart figure of your favorite female elf, Alexander Carter, Kiwi and Felicity figures too!

Purchase this gift set for someone you know and share the story!

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