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Are you a fan or collector of The Dreamland Chronicles?
Do you have all the figures yet?
Including Kiwi, the fairy figurine?

Maybe you’re a collector of fairy figurines or other collectible figurines.
 Maybe you know young children or have young family members who read The Dreamland Chronicles.
Don't you think they would love adding Kiwi the fairy figurine to their enjoyment
of The Dreamland Chronicles?
 Take a look at the Kiwi fairy figurine a great fairy figurine
from one of the best fantasy books and online 3D Comic,
The Dreamland Chronicles.

Kiwi Limited Edition Figure!

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Name: Fairy Figurine Kiwi The Dreamland Chronicles
Stock Status: In Stock

Kiwi Limited Edition Figure!
Cute and Sassy!
She's cute as a button...and about the size of one!
Buy it for yourself or share it with a young one
that you know will love it!

The wings fairy characters fly upon in some of the best fantasy books have been duplicated as comic book art, in fantasy picture books and as part of costumes for shows and children’s events. Fairy figurines also capture the wings fairy characters fly on and our fairy figure of Kiwi from one of the best print fantasy books produced from an online 3D Comic, The Dreamland Chronicles, can be added to your fairy figurine collection

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