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With over eight million readers worldwide
The Dreamland Chronicles is surely a favorite
for those that read fantasy books, online books and online children’s books.
For most Dreamland Chronicles fans this is considered the best fantasy book
and the print editions capture the art of Scott Christian Sava’s
story telling and vivid characters perfectly.

The Dreamland Chronicles Book Three & Limited Edition Comic Bonus New

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Name: Bonus: Dreamland Chronicles Book Three & Limited Edition Comic
Stock Status: On Back Order

Author: Scott Christian Sava

ISBN: 160010309X

Pages: 300

Alexander Carter has found a key that takes him back to the land of his childhood dreams. Every night he enters Dreamland, a magical world filled with dragons, fairies, and giants. Now, on a quest to find the king and queen of elves, Alexander and his friends must first escape the prison of the dragon lord Nicodemus! The third volume in this wonderful fantasy/adventure comes alive with almost 300 pages of 3-D animated coolness!

Plus you get the exclusive limited edition 22 page The Dreamland Chronicles #1 Comic book with cover variant.


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Scott Christian Sava knows how to craft books for children and the Dreamland Chronicles online adventure is a well crafted story with vivid art that has been captured in The Dreamland Chronicles Book 3, a sure hit with fans and a nice addition to your children’s book collection. Scott has two children of his own and both his 6 year olds love the story. The online children’s book and of course the print edition Dreamland Chronicles is, except for some sword play and a few bad guys getting killed (and some kissing), pretty G rated.