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Carl the Frog New

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Name: Carl the Frog
Stock Status: In Stock

Author: David N Weiss

Illustrator: Pete Whitehead

ISBN 978-1600103384

Pages: 40

Carl is a frog in search of a friend—but his outlandishly long tongue (and even larger appetite!) always sabotages his plans. An unsuspecting gnat tries to show young Carl how to use his tongue—but thawoolp! He ends up as Carl’s first meal. Then a rambunctious horsefly tries to engage Carl in a game of cards—but thawoolp! He meets the same fate as the gnat. Even sweet Miss Fish tries to give Carl a chance—only to become the latest course in Carl’s all-he-can-eat buffet. When a wise old kingfisher picks Carl for his next meal, Carl finally learns to change his ways. The true test comes when a small ant tries to befriend the hungry frog. Carl musters all of his willpower and redefines the phrase “tongue tied” to keep himself from snacking on the ant, and in the process makes the best friend he could ever hope to have. This rollicking romp will keep families giggling while imparting the friendly lesson that it’s better to have friends than to eat them.


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