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More reviews from people who love this Children's Book about recycling and keeping the planet green! Michael Recycle has been a hit at home, in the classroom and even in discussions around the water cooler at the office! Have you heard people talking about Michael Recycle, the caped crusader who is going to stamp out waste and keep our planet green. A children's book about recycling, childhood imagination, recycling, environmental eduction and the power we all have to make a difference.

"...I tested the book on my three-year old, and she had me reading it to her four times in an hour! By the second pass, she was asking me “what’s re-cycle, mummy?”. That’s how I knew the book is a hit. >Read More

Redskins rookies Devin Thomas and Fred Davis were at Bailey’s Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences on Tuesday to congratulate students for winning the "Redskins Reading Challenge Powered by Scholastic Book Fairs."...Thomas and Davis also read books to the students during the assembly--including the children’s book “Michael Recycle” >Read More

I like this book, and it is going to be one of the first ones I read to my class this September.
>Read More

My son received a gift card to the bookstore for his birthday (thanks, Aunt Abbie and Uncle Dave!) He thought it was so cool to have his own card to pick out whatever he wanted. We read lots of books and looked around until he finally chose Michael Recycle...>Read More

...This is a fun book about a lazy town whose garbage is about to reach the moon. >Read More

...With its large pages and the colorful cover with the hero's illustration on it, it reminded me the books my parents used to read me as a child. >Read More

...The kids, ages 5 through 8, loved the bold coloring of the fantastic illustrations and found the writing to be hilarious! >Read More

...Our most recent find is, Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel. Kids love Super Heroes and often want to be one. Why not encourage your child to be a Green Super Hero? >Read More

Here's a look at my new favorite picture book: Michael Recycle - Set in a grimy town that has been taken over by trash, Michael Recycle comes to the rescue yelling: "You've got to recycle! You've got to act soon! Before all your trash, reaches up to the moon!" >Read More

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