The Town of Zack

The Nicest Naughty Fairy

Zack is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary way of viewing the world! Zack has three problems- Zena, Zelda, and Zoe, his annoying little sisters who insist on being girls, and in his room, no less! So he transforms the old jungle gym at school in the new Town of Zack – a place where he can finally have his own space. But when the rest of the kids at school decide to more in, the Town o Zack has a population explosion, and suddenly Zack’s sisters don’t seem so bad… even if they are girls. The Town of Zack is a funny and heartwarming tale of a family, friends, and being careful what you wish for- you just might windup liking your sisters!

  • October 2008
  • Written by Dava Savel
  • Illustrated by Tom LaBaff
  • ISBN: 978-1-60010-305-6

Vigfus the Viking

The Nicest Naughty Fairy

When young Vigfus and his Viking parents accidentally sail their longboat into New York Harbor, a classic immigrant story begins and quickly turns hilarious when this family of fierce, ill-mannered Vikings finds New York City too civil for their taste. When Vigfus realizes their Viking ways are keeping them from making friends, he has to learn how to help his parents acclimate enough to fit in. But will they be able to adjust without giving up their heritage? No more pillaging, no more hoarding, and no more bagging moose…

This fun story of friendship will speak to anyone who’s ever had trouble fitting in and needed to learn how to share and help, rather than seize and conquer!

  • October 2008
  • Written by David Sacks and Brian Ross
  • Illustrated by Jimmy Holder
  • ISBN: 978-1-60010-306-3