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Our two boys just love this story! Of course sometimes the 5 year old insists he is Zack and his 3 year old brother is Zoe. Thanks for the fun read!

Dave, San Diego, CA

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I just had to write you about this. One of the other teachers at our school has a husband who is named Michael and has always been environmentally aware - he actually has told her this book was written about him! We all get a kick out of this story. Thanks

Miss Liz, Pre-School Teacher, Claremont, CA

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My 3 year old was potty trained to this book. We bought it and he just loved the big pictures and dragging his finger across the title as he said "Wiiilliamsss Dinooo Saurs" it became the book he took with him to the bathroom and he was on his own at 2 1/2. Thanks for the help, this book is now part of our family history! :)

Erin, Pacific Beach, CA

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